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Video Interview

His Story! 


Matt Clark started as an emcee at Mike Kinne's Lake Ontario Playhouse in Sackets Harbor, NY. He won the 2005 Lake Ontario Playhouse Contest for Funniest Local Comedian. After taking off nine years he is back. He has been seen at the Funny Bone in Syracuse, NY. He has performed in several comedy showcases at the Funny Bone, Syracuse. He has produced and performed in five local USO Comedy Shows. He has helped to raise thousands of dollars for the USO Fort Drum and other local charities. Yes he is a local comedian, but he has the flair of a medium sized city comic!


Comedic Heroes! 


Robin Willams / Bill Hicks / George Carlin / 

Richard Pryor/ Sam Kinison / Robert Schimmel /

Robin Harris / Mitch Hedberg / Greg Giraldo!


Now for the alive ones.......

Alex Reymundo  / Dave Attel / Lewis Black /

Ron White / David Steinberg /Eddie Murphy 

Chris Rock / Brian Regan /Doug Stanhope /

Dave Chappelle / Bobby Slayton / Craig Shoemaker

Bill Burr / Bobby Collins / Rick Overton /

Tim Joyce / Nick Marra 


Comedic Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of watching Matt grow as a comedian since he first walked out on stage. His act is very funny.

He is quickly becoming a "Must see" comic.  If you need a comic, you can't go wrong if you book Matt. As I like to say I would recommend him for all of your comedic needs.

Comedian, Nick Marra











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